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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Up-Cycled Cashmere Yarn, Part I

A girl does not live by sweater design critique alone, so now for something completely different . . . .

My friend, Melissa, and I get our girl-time together on Saturday mornings when we scour garage sales in better Chicago weather and estate sales in worse.  Yesterday morning I pulled this off a rack (which was really a wooden rod suspended between two ladders).
 What's so interesting about this sweater?  Take a closer look at the tag below . . .

Yep, it's cashmere.

Now, I live in an upscale neighborhood (although on a more downscale block), so sighting a cashmere sweater in such an unnatural habitat as a garage sale is not uncommon.  What is unusual is finding a sweater that is hand-knitting weight.  You can see the individual stitches, even in the photo of the full garment.

 To be honest, I spend a lot of time not only at garage sales, but also at thrift stores.  My children are involved in musical theater, and I volunteer doing costume design and creation.  It is always cheaper to start with fabric from a thrift store than to buy new yardage, not to mention saving time.  So, for a few pre-production months every year, I haunt them.  And, I never leave a thrift store without cruising down the sweater aisle.  I've trained my eyes to spot that familiar haze of a cashmere knit, and I would boast that not many escape my notice.  But, out of the hundred cashmere sweaters I've spotted in the past few years, only a handful have yarn thicker than dental floss.  So when I see them, I grab them.  Why?

Tomorrow I'll tell how I go from the first photo to the last and how much I paid for the sweater.

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