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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Battle Rounds: Which Sweater is More Flattering?

In honor of the new season of The Voice on NBC, I bring you my own battle rounds.  One on one, winner takes all.  Which sweater is the most flattering?

You've met the contestants.  Six different sweaters, all modeled in the same setting by the same very lovely, very real young woman, and all from the Summer 2013 Valley Yarns catalog.  Valley Yarns is the house brand yarn from Webs, to my mind the most comprehensive yarn shop on the web.  (And, I am not a supporter just because they are located in my college town, Northampton, Massachusetts, because Webs was actually across the river over in Amherst in my fiendish knitting days.)

Starting tomorrow, we'll pair off the sweaters and let them go head to head in my analysis of their ability to flatter this body.  

So, tune in tomorrow . . . 

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