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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Waiter, Waiter, Escalator!

As a designer, I find myself repeatedly drawn to certain techniques.  Plaid knitting is certainly one for which I've developed a reputation.  And another is miters.  Just last week Sixth & Spring released a new book, Knit Noro Accessories 2, which includes a design from me for a cowl with two big mitered corners.

At the same time, I seem to always want to push a design a little further.  For a book due out later this year, I created a baby quilt with mitered angles which was inspired by a modern quilt.  I couldn't stop thinking about it and ways to take the design further.  Thus, you have my newest pattern, the Escalator Wrap.  Not only did I get to play some more with mitered corners, but I also got to mix in gradient colors from a

The name, Escalator, captures the movement of the design as the bright lime green steps move from corner to corner.  Those green steps rest on a base of constantly transitioning color from darkest to lightest blue.

The knitting starts with a garter stitch block in one corner and builds from there.  The knitting isn't complicated, you just need to keep track of the increase and decrease points.  And that I help you with by using one color of stitch marker for the increase points and another color for the decreases.

How could you make my design your own?  Certainly you could use one single color for the base.  This would really draw focus to the lightning-bolt stair steps in the contrast color.  Alternatively, you could work every step in a different color.  The pattern includes yarn usage information to help you estimate your required yardage for just about any substitution you'd like to make - even eliminating the contrast stripe.

I look forward to seeing your modifications, so be sure to post your project in Ravelry.  I've also just opened my own designer group on Ravelry, Woolly-Wits.  Pop over there to find a nice discount code for the Escalator Wrap.