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Friday, August 4, 2017

Modern Quilt Inspiration

A Space Odyssey
My newest design, A Space Odyssey, is the latest in a series of knits inspired by modern quilts.  This all began with a Sixth & Spring (the book publishing arm of Vogue Knitting magazine) call for designs for a update to their baby blanket book.  In researching the most popular designs from their first book, I observed that they have big blocks of bright colors.  And, this made me think of modern quilts.

Zigzag Zoom
from 60 More Quick Baby Blankets
from Sixth & Spring
Now, I am not a quilter.  In the back of my mind is the intention to be a quilter, but it has not yet pushed its way forward.  So, I follow the career of Weeks Ringle and build too large a Pinterest board while sticking to my knitting.  But these baby blankets seemed the perfect opportunity to bring the two together.

Escalator Wrap
All My Love
from 60 More Quick Baby Blankets
by Sixth & Spring
The baby blankets were knit last fall, but are only now appearing as the book was released.  My Escalator Wrap design appear first, but is clearly a further exploration of Zigzag Zoom.  I added in more detail (the step outline) and more sophisticated coloration (a gradient set), but they are clearly sequential.
I've not yet played with variation of All My Love, but the concept is floating around my head.

So, we come to A Space Odyssey.  I can't attribute the concept to any one quilt, but it is definitely inspired.  The concepts of modern quilts, use of negative space, no binding/edging, bold blocks of color, etc.  are at play.

I am definitely not done investigating this source for inspiration.  Or even this design.