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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Round #1: High Neck Pullovers

 In the face-off for Round #1 of our Battle Rounds, we've got two pullovers:

If you've visited my blog before, you might have surmised that I have no love for either crew or boat necklines.  Both cut off the vertical line created by the head and neck.  And, they square off the shape of the sweater and make the body look boxy.  So, I fully expect the winner of this round to fall pretty quickly in our tournament.

Another design element I feel strongly against is horizontal lines.  They force the eyes to move back and forth, which makes the wearer appear wider.  Looking wider is something which I am accomplishing very well on my own, so I don't need any help from my hand knits.  Both these garments have horizontal lines - very obviously in the striped sweater, but definitely present also in the lines where the patterns change in the green sweater.

Another issue I have with both is the upper sleeve.  Like myself, the model is blessed with beefy arms.  In both garments, there is inadequate ease so that the fabric is stretching over and drawing attention to the width of her upper arm.  In our own sweaters we can avoid this by comparing our arm dimensions to the pattern schematic and, if needed, working a larger upper sleeve and armhole.

So, if it wasn't already clear, I don't think that either sweater is doing any kind of favor to this lovely girl.  So which way is the judge leaning?  I am going with the striped sweater.  The raglan sleeve is far more flattering than the dropped sleeve of the green sweater.

Round #2 tomorrow.

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