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Monday, September 9, 2013

Round Two: Which Sweater Makes the Model Look Slimmer?

Now it's time for Round Two in our head-to-head evaluation of sweater patterns.  If you want to look slimmer and taller in what you knit (or crochet), you need to start by picking the best pattern for your body type.  Some of that choice is directed by following the general rules of dressing to look taller and thinner and some is directed by your specific body issues.  The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate those general principles.


This is an interesting battle for me, because I am going with the garment which breaks some of my rules - the black lace top!  What rules does it break?  The boat neck creates a very strong shoulder line, and this model's shoulders don't seem to need any enhancement.  In fact, you can see how she's twisted her torso in the photo at right so they don't appear too broad.  I also don't like a boxy garment because visually your body will seem to fill the outline of the sweater.  But here you can see through the sweater to mitigate that effect.  Her broad shoulders and large bust are de-emphasized by the darker color, and the lighter color on the bottom visually brings her hips into more balanced proportion.

The proportions are what kills it for the sweater on the right.  Although it hugs her curves, it draws all the attention to her bosom.  The ribbing stops right below it and draws focus.  The crew neck not only creates a strong horizontal to visually widen her already broad shoulders, it makes her torso look boxy but conversely also draws attention to her bust.  And, again, the lighter color draws focus and throws off balance since she does carry most of her weight in the upper torso.  Seriously, all I can see in this picture is her boobs, and I really don't want to!  Please give her a nice long necklace or scarf to create a distracting vertical line!

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