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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


For a couple months now I've been following Karen Templar's blog, Fringe Association.  I enjoy it because it's like being able to sit at the cafeteria lunch table with the cool kids.  Karen is ahead of the curve on trends, and I appreciate her erudite fashion references.

Today's post has Karen gushing over the new fall collection from Brooklyn Tweed, especially the two designs below.
Oshima and Stonecutter sweater knitting patterns from BT Fall 13
How gorgeous are these designs, not to mention the bucolic forest setting?  Karen can hardly hold herself back from casting on.  I, too, was ready to be seduced before I realized that there could hardly be two designs less flattering to my body.  The gray sweater, Oshima by Jared Flood, could be lovely on someone who carries her weight through the hips and thighs because the stitch pattern and bulky cowl all add visual weight to the top of the garment, creating a visual balance.  On me, the design line separating the pattern stitches would cut right across my bust and draw more attention to that already generous proportion.  And, the shoulder detail on the back would ensure no one missed by football player shoulders.

Stonecutter by Michele Wang is a materpiece of cable work.  Gorgeous.  But see how 3-D the cables appear?  That's visual weight which will make the wearer look bigger.  The vertical panels and fabulous curving ribbing at the hem do create a lengthening line, but that's counteracted by the crew neck which cuts off those vertical lines and makes the shape boxy.  This is a design worn best by skinny, skinny people.

But, here's a couple from the collection for the rest of us . . . .

Hartford by Julie Hoover

Trillium by Michele Wang

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