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Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Freebie: BlueGrill Scarf & Hat

BlueGrill Hat & Scarf
Welcome to the fourth weekend of Friday Freebies.  This week's offerings are a throwback to one of my favorite patterns, windowpane plaid, and my favorite technique for achieving it, applied crochet chain.

Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Missoni: Inspired by this Missoni design, BlueGrill is a matching hat and scarf set.  The bright blue color on a variegated background is a great fashion statement.  Fortunately, Cascade's 220 Superwash Effects yarn in color 02 gives that effect that adds so much interest, and at a really reasonable price, too.  Of course, you could choose a classic color combination, such as navy and red or black and white for a more traditional look.

The knitting technique at play here is applied crochet chain.  It is simple enough to knit the horizontal plaid stripes in as you go, but it is hard to knit in the vertical stripes.  Unless, that is, you don't mind wrangling eight bobbins every row.  The crochet chain is worked into a channel of purl stitches after the scarf or hat is finished, and it is fast and smooth.  If this makes you nervous, the pattern has links to both a video tutorial and my picture tutorial here on the blog.  I've taught this crochet chain dozens of times, and the feedback is always that it is surprisingly easy.

The BlueGrill hat and scarf patterns are sold separately.  This weekend the scarf pattern is offered for free and the hat is half price.  So, the combined set is available for 75% off the regular price of $3.00 each.

Friday Freebies has been so much fun that I am going to extend it one more weekend into February.  So come back next week for another new pattern.  This one will be completely different.  (Well, still an accessory, but in a technique I have never designed in before now.)

Have a great week!

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