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Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Freebie: So Steek'n Simple

Last Friday saw a very successful launch to my 'Friday Freebies' for the month of January.  My updated and revised entrelac hat pattern, All Squared Up 2 had 4,346 downloads.  Fingers crossed today's freebie will be as successful.

So Steek'n Simple is the project for you if you've always wanted to try steeking (cutting into your knitted fabric) but were afraid to try (and who isn't?).  Mohair yarn is the fiber to choose for steeking because it clings to itself with a nearly unbreakable bond.  (That also makes it hard to rip, but that's another story.)  As a result, all your cut ends really don't want to go anywhere but where you tell them to stay.

So what's the benefit of steeking this project?  The body of the shawl can be knit in the round, avoiding any nasty purl stitches.  And, you can change colors as often as you like because all those yarn ends will be cut away.

I forgot to mention that this pattern makes either a shawl or a scarf.  Start out with a scarf and if you have more yarn and more ambition, keep going until you hit shawl width.

So Steek'n Simple is a great project to use up any scraps of silk and mohair lace weight yarn you may have about the house.  What if you don't have any?  Buy a couple different colors and knit simple repeating stripes, or work the ribbing in a different color than the body, like the gray and black scarf.

I hope you'll like this new design as much as the knitters at Monday night's Madison Knitter's Guild meeting.  They got a sneak preview and had lots of kind words to say.

Another story:  if you do need to rip your shawl/scarf in progress, put it into the freezer and get it cold.  (Putting it on the front porch would also work in Wisconsin this week.)  This reduces the static and makes it easier to rip the mohair yarn.

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