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Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Freebies

Knit in Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag in Bahama Woodstar

New year 2017 housekeeping revealed that I have a handful of written and drafted but never published patterns.  As motivation to get them out, I will be releasing a new pattern every Friday in January - and it will be free for the first weekend!

The first Friday Freebie will be All Squared Up 2.  This pattern was the very first pattern I wrote up and it was sold through a few Chicagoland yarn shops before the arrival of Ravelry.  It is based off of the same pattern I use to teach my beginning entrelac class, so it is definitely an easy intro.  That said, it does have several techniques (provisional cast on, three-needle bind off) that make it appropriate for more skilled knitters.

What makes All Squared Up unique is the finishing at the top.  Look closely at most other entrelac patterns and you will find one of two less satisfactory options for handling the top-of-the-head decreases.  Either the entrelac patterning stops at the decreases, or the squares become smaller and smaller and ever more fiddly.  All Squared Up has full-sized squares up to the top of the head because it uses a clever method of bind off.  (That's the secret sauce that I am not giving away the recipe for here!)

All Squared Up is being re-released in the 2.0 version because in the time since it was written, the yarns used in the samples have been discontinued.  There's also some slight modifications to the pattern that make it easier to follow, and the formatting is more tech friendly.
Knit in madelinetosh Tosh DK  in Heartbeat

So, go grab it for free on Ravelry from Friday, January 6th through midnight on Sunday, January 8th.

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