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Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring's Sprung

I was honored to be asked by the Madison Knitters' Guild to design a project for their 2017 Knit-In event.  Of course, the design had to be hush, hush until its premiere at the picnic luncheon on Saturday, March 18th.  I kept my lips zipped, but am happy to chat about it now.

The guild's only request was that the design tie into a theme of 'flower power'.  That still left me with plenty of options.  So, I thought about the time of year and decided that by mid-March, everyone needs a little color in their life.  However, we do live in Wisconsin, so winter is definitely not over and there is definitely time to work a new warm accessory into your wardrobe.  A hat seemed to me to be just the ticket.  I also reasoned that the hat should be part of the activities of the luncheon.  If the hat were multi-colored, and the colors were mix-and-match, then knitters could trade colors if the combination they received in their kit was not their favorite.

Mix this all up together, and you get Spring's Sprung. The stranded color work is simple enough for a knitter new to the technique as only a few rows require catching floats and there are never more than two colors in a row.

Although the pattern is now posted to Ravelry, it will be exclusive to party attendees until April 1st.  After that it will be available to purchase for $4.

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