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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lots of January Knitting

Thanks to the polar vortex, as well as above average snowfall, there was much indoor knitting time in January.

Here's what's in the pile:
2 Mag Mile hats (soon-to-be-released pattern)
Fiber Fest Hat in sock weight yarn variation
2 moss stitch cowls (soon-to-be-release free pattern)
2 garter stitch hats (soon-to-be-released pattern)
1 crocheted Divine Hat (I always do a charity hat in acrylic when I teach this as a class at Knitche.)
2 sets of plaid fingerless gloves (soon-to-be-released pattern)
A pile of crocheted octagons for my Moorish Mosiac Afghan.

Should I hope February is as cold and snowy?

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