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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fiber Fest Hat

Today I made a new pattern available for sale on Ravelry.  It's the Fiber Fest Hat, and was designed as a pattern to make best use of a single skein of hand dyed or hand spun yarn such as might be purchased at a fiber festival.  

Another Crafty Girl, Merino Worsted 
colorway: golden teeth & golden tones

Here's the description:

"Were you fortunate to be able to attend a fiber festival or knitting convention this past year?  If so, you might have picked up some gorgeous hand-dyed skeins.  But, those lovely skeins may be sitting in a bowl on your coffee table because it can be difficult to find just the right pattern to show off their brilliant colors without overwhelming them.  Stockinette stitch doesn’t allow hand-dyed yarns to shine their brightest, and too much stitch work muddies them. 

Persimmon Tree Farm, “Barnyard” Yarn
This bottom-up, worked-in-the-round hat offers just the right balance of texture and plain knitting to allow the yarn to be the star.  It works in both earthy tones and bright colors.  And, since beginner knitters are often lured into our craft by the beauty of color, the pattern is simple enough for them, too.

P.S.  The fiber fest hat would also be great to show off your hand spun yarn."  

The Fiber Fest Hat is a simple knit - 1x1 ribbing and a slip stitch pattern.  It's those elongated slip stitches that really show off the yarn and add visual and textural interest.  Add a pompom or tassel to the top as another opportunity to show off the yarn.  

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