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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Up-cycled Sweater Re-Do

See what I did on Friday?

Friday morning I was sucked down the rabbit hole known as Pinterest.  One of the photos I surfed upon was this:
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I love the texture of the crochet on the smooth felted knit fabric, as well as the large buttons.  But, as we know, double-breasted is a good look only for skinny people.  I needed a more flattering look - the cardigan!

Thanks to my Etsy shop, I have a stash of cashmere sweaters to be cut and used for raw material.  A quick hunt, and I came up with a slightly felted grey pullover without moth holes.  I cut it into a v-neck cardi, taking the measurement of the depth of the v from a favorite sweater.

Then the crochet.  I happened to have a ball of Noro Takeuma (50% wool, 32% silk, 18% viscose; 50 g/135  m) which was gifted to me a couple weeks ago.  I am not a fan of purple, but the grey, brown, and tan colors were perfect, and who am I to turn down free yarn?  First, a swatch of the single crochet to get gauge.  I had to use a smaller crochet hook and press hard to pierce the felted cashmere fabric.  Next time I will have to refine that technique.  A few rows of single crochet, with buttonholes at the mid-way row.

For the buttons I dug into my vintage button stash.  I had a choice of matched darker buttons or the mis-matched tan tones, and I chose visual interest.

I am really happy with the results, and got lots of compliments when I wore it to teach at Knitche on Monday.  Since the project was a success, I plan to do another, perhaps with short sleeves for a spring look.  I promise to take more photos for a true tutorial.


  1. That turned out very nice! I like it. Maybe if you sew, with a needle and yarn, a mattress stitch edge that you could crochet into, it would be easier for that first round. I like the edging colors. Good job!

    1. I think you meant a buttonhole stitch edge. And, yes, that would be a good alternative.