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Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's a Sickness . . .

BlueSand Cardigan by La Maison Rililie
Want, want, want.

But I really should not want striped sweaters.  I preach that horizontal stripes, especially wide horizontal stripes will make you look wider.  And I look plenty wide on my own.  But, I have a weakness.
Funky Grandpa by La Maison Rililie

Remember this sweater at right from my Top Ten of 2013 list?  See, I put it there explaining how noble I am to think of the 60% of American women who have the opposite of my body type.  But it was really a cover-up of my own lust for this figure-inappropriate sweater.

Darn you, Rililie!

I have already been through my stash three times and determined that I could do a BlueSand from Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool or Hempathy with perhaps the smallest purchase of only one or two skeins.  It could all be worked in low contrast blues in greens, my favorites.  And, I already know that my upper arm section would not be worked in a contrasting texture, because I really don't need anyone noticing the dimension of my genetically-fat arms.  All good, right?

No.  See, as a hand knitting designer, I should only actively marketing myself by only making and wearing my own designs.  We already know this woman has sick talent, so I don't need to sartorially sing her praises, too.  But, BlueSand features a construction that, while not my preferred, is the preferred of many sweater knitters, so that would be an educational knit.  Oh, the justification.  I am weak . . .

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