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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Which Should I Knit?

Taking a break from the competition, I have a tough question:  which cardi should I knit?

I have been working hard for several weeks on two new designs to make their splashy premiere at Vogue Knitting Live! in Chicago in a few weeks.  I am closing in on the last project, and might just have enough time to pull together a new sweater for me.  Since I haven't knit myself a sweater in a couple years, it's a big question.  (The garment I am most likely to knit for myself is a skirt!)  Here are the two cardigans I am considering:

This is the popular Delancey Cardigan by Alexis Winslow, self-published and available as a Ravelry download.

And this is the Zahara cardigan by Thayer Preece Parker  from the Fall 2013 issue of Knitscene.

Whichever design I choose I will, of course, be mixing it up since I can't possibly knit someone else's sweater as written.  I have to change gauge, substitute yarn, change fiber, and definitely color, to make it my own.  I have a plastic bin of a mix of Mission Falls dk yarn, so the one I choose will definitely be gloriously multicolored.  Delancey calls for a worsted weight, so if I choose it, I'll probably end up completely re-writing the pattern.  But, I do love the sexy low-cut shawl collar.

On the other hand, I love the Missoni-esque zigzag stripes of Zahara, especially how they narrow as they move up.  I don't love that it appears to have no waist shaping, so I will definitely have to add that design element.

So which do you think I should choose?

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