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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Golden Hands Magazine, Part II

Yesterday was the introduction to a dressmaking article from a 1971 issue of Golden Hands magazine.

 Today is the fitting and fashion flattery information by specific figure types:

If you look closely at the figure drawings, you can see the dotted lines indicating how the body differs from the 'standard'.  I particularly like how the figure with the 'large bust' also has larger upper arms, because that's me.  I guess that also could be the litmus test for whether the large bust is natural or acquired.

As I said yesterday, the principles presented here are all still right on for 2013, and will continue to be for another forty years:
- Unnecessary bulk in your clothing makes you appear visually larger.
- Vertical design elements make you appear taller and slimmer.
- Horizontal stripes should be avoided.
- The taller and thinner you are, the more style options you have.
- Open necklines (scoop, v-neck) visually break up broad shoulders and a large bust.
- Accent the slimmest part of your figure (with color, pattern, texture or shine) to visually balance the wider/heavier half.

Tomorrow we'll finish the series with Golden Hand's advice for more challenging figures.

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