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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Round #3: Crochet

After a weekend and a day to finish off a shhhh project, we are back to the tourney.  Two bouts in the first round done and to more to go.

It's crochet day!  In this round we have Linaria, a granny square poncho going up against  . . . well . . . I am not really so sure what this garment is.  So, I went to the Webs website and here's what they have to say, "The Ice Glen Cardigan from Valley Yarns is a roomy, kimono sleeve cardigan crocheted in four easy pieces and seamed."  No additional pictures are offered.  That's a shame, since the photo offered does nothing to display the merits of the sweater or to flatter the figure of the wearer.  And, since she is wearing all murky colors, it is very difficult to see the design elements.  So, just on the basis of poor photography, the winner is . .  . . Linaria!

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