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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Round 4: Fitted Sweaters

The last bout in this first round of 'which sweater is most flattering?' features these combatants:
Cardamom Vest
Basic Set-In Sleeve Pullover

The Cardamom Vest by Kirsten Hipsky is a fitted design, with a scoop neck and a vertical panel of cable work.  The pullover, also designed by Kirsten, is also fitted, with a crew neck and plain stockinette fabric.  Don't be fooled by the photo lighting, it is all one color, not the lovely ombre effect which seems to appear.

This bout is an instance where the photo is not trying to tell us the whole story.  Yes, the model does look slimmer in the pullover.  But, that's because she is standing nearly sideways, and, being a sweet young thing without postpartum stomach pooch, she is slimmer sideways.  But you can't fool me.  Without a doubt, the winner is Cardamom for it's open neckline and vertical design lines.

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