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Monday, December 16, 2013

Which Sweater is Most Flattering? Another Round . . .

Time for a quick round to determine which of three sweaters is most flattering, and why that's so.  Again, we turn to the Webs catalog.  One of the many reasons I love Webs is that they use models with real bodies so that knitters (or crocheters) can have a better idea of what a sweater might look like on their real body.  Here are the contestants:
565 Bryant Cardigan 570 Big Sky Pullover Penelope Sweater
On the left is the crocheted #565 Bryant Cardigan by Kirsten Hipsky.  On the right is #570 Big Sky Pullover also by Kirsten, and below is The Penelope Sweater from Jade Sapphire.  (Click on the photos for the links.)  Although I love the colors, especially the contrast yellow at the edges, it is clear that the striped sweater is doing our model no favors.  The boxy shape leaves her with no visible waistline and also flattens her bust.  This is not a 'date' sweater.  And a note on the photography . . . see how the model is turned to the side in all the pics?  This is more visually slimming than a full-frontal stance.  But it's especially helpful in reducing the impact of the not-very-flattering wide horizontal stripes.

I like the two other contenders, which works out well, since one is crochet and one is knit.  Why do I like them?  Their fitted shape, cardigan style whose front closure gives a strong vertical design element, v-neck to lengthen the neck and visually narrow the chest (as well as draw focus to the bust).  If I had to choose between the two, Penelope would get my vote.  I think the longer sleeve is more flattering, as it gives another long vertical line.  And, I line the way the lower sweater is flared to give a peplum effect.  The fact that Penelope is knit in cashmere also works in its favor, although a less expensive fiber, such as a sport weight merino, could certainly be substituted.

OK, I just noticed that Penelope's size range is 34" up to 40".  Please . . .   Just on this alone, it has lost my vote, making the winner . . . Bryant!

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