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Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Selfish Knitting

We are almost into February, and I haven't yet posted about my first selfish project for 2015.  As a designer, I don't have much time to knit or crochet for myself, but I seem to have fallen into the habit of starting off the year with a new project for myself.  In 2014 it was a (still unfinished) crocheted moorish afghan.  This year it was Tabbethia's Skirt by Doris Chan.

This project was purchased as a kit from Long Island Livestock Company at VK Live! Chicago 2012, giving it plenty of time to age to maturity in the stash.  The fingering weight yarn is a beautiful blend of 68% llama, 21% wool, 7% bamboo and 4% nylon in the Midnight Magenta color way.  The only magenta I see are occasional slubs, otherwise it is a deep, tweedy purple.  I am not really a purple kinda gal, but recognize that occasionally I need to push myself out of my blue/green/brown rut.

But, what truly pushed me towards this as the 'Selfish Kickoff 2015' project was the damage to my  twelve-year-old purchased brown crocheted skirt.  Even having gained a not insignificant amount of weight over that time, the skirt still fit and looked good.  But, the catch of my bracelet caught on it and broke a couple chains.  It seems repairable, but finding the exact shade of army greenish brown seem nearly impossible.

So, in looking for a replacement, as well as a good crocheting time, I pulled Tabbethia.  I must say that Doris Chan knows her stuff.  The pattern was well written and a great match for the yarn.  Even as a relatively slow crocheter, I was able to complete the twenty-one motifs, joining as I went, in about a week.  Looks great, fits great.  My only struggle is what to wear under it.  My beloved brown skirt had an attached knit lining, making it easy-peasy.  With Tabbethia, my opinion is that the holes are too big for just a nude slip underneath.  So far I've worn it over brown leggings, but I just know I need to sew up a lining for it.  Now I need to find better fabric options than the big box stores.

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