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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Some Vintage Distraction

In order to avoid writing a multi-size knitting pattern provide historical context to my readers, I am sharing with you a vintage pattern booklet I recently found at a rummage sale.  I invite you to 'Discover The Excitement of Hairpin Lace'!  Unlike most pattern booklets which are published by yarn manufacturers or distributers, this undated booklet was issued by Susan Bates and her now unknown sister, Marcia Lynn.  These are not an elderly lady and her dear departed sibling, but a flourishing knitting needle/crochet hook/needlecraft tool business (Susan) and the apparently now discontinued product line (poor Marcia). 

Of special interest is the cover photo of the (apparently) nude model seated overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  (Photo location identified as Morocco.)  Some gals have all the luck, although they may also have some funky tan lines.

My favorite photo is not of hairpin lace at all, but knitted or crocheted granny square ties/ascot.  (So why are they in what is clearly labelled at a hairpin lace book?  Evidently there were no truth in labelling laws in this by-gone time.)  These designs are handsomely modelled by a gentleman styled to appear as three gentlemen, aka Tom, Dick and Harry.  What amuses me most about the photo is that Tom and Harry's labels hover above their heads, but Dick's sits at the bottom of his very long dangling accessory.  Could that be why he is smirking?

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