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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My BlueSand

The table is set.  The wine is poured.  Crow is served.

Yes, I confess to breaking my own rules.  Sometimes the temptation is just too much.  So what design flirted so hard with me that I succumbed to its horizontal stripes?  BlueSand from La Maison Rililie. 

I loved the easy shape.  I loved the big, bold front bands.  But, most of all, I loved the pockets.  I was a goner.

When I was asked to step in as leader of an existing knit-along at the shop where I teach, I knew our first project had to be a design with near-universal appeal.  But, also one that would be flattering on a variety of figure types.  BlueSand fit the bill.  The stripe pattern also allows for much individual creativity, which always makes a project more fun.

So, how did I play with those terrible horizontal stripes to play them down?  I turned them on ear to create a ombre effect.  Since my body has wide shoulders and a broad chest, and relatively narrower hips, I placed the darkest colors on top and worked my way down to the lightest.  (BlueSand is knit top-down.)  For most of you who are more pear-shaped, you would reverse the direction with the lightest colors closest to your face.  I also chose a brighter, but mid-range, color to create the front bands and make a strong vertical line to lengthen the body.

How do I feel about the results?  I love it!

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