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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I'm A Sweater Girl, But This is a Wrap

#2 Mitered Wrap
from Noro Knitting Magazine, Issue #7
I have not yet posted about my design for the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of Noro Magazine.  It is a bit of a departure for me because it is a shawl.  My first shawl design.

Most of my magazine and book design work has been sweaters.  And I enjoy knitting sweaters because they are a creative, technical and intellectual challenge.  Not only do you have to come up with an original design, but you also have to have the skill to execute your vision, and the mathematical ability to write a pattern for it in multiple sizes, only one of which you have made.  Sometimes one of these steps breaks down, and this was the origin of my mitered wrap.

#12 Cocoon Vest from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2015

The original design of the mitered shape appeared as the upper back/upper chest section of my Cocoon Vest from the Fall 2015 Issue of Vogue Knitting.  However, when I received the commission for the vest and got to the knitting, I found that I had not really thought it through, and that the mitering was not going to give me the effect I wanted.  So, I simplified the design, which actually created a more elegant piece.

Meanwhile, the VK editors were choosing designs for the next issue of Noro, and, while abandoned for the vest, the mitered shape had made an impression.  Matching the quadrangle shape with the self-striping Noro Silk Garden Sock and Sock Solo yarns was inspired, and I was happy to work with them on the piece.

So will the success of my first shawl design lead to more?  Who knows, but I was inspired by my class with Ravelry star shawl designer Melanie Berg at the January Thaw retreat.

Back to the garment knitting.  I've got a sweater due in a few weeks.

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