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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pick Your Perfect Sweater Pattern Notes

Last night I had a great time giving my 'Pick Your Perfect Pattern' program to the Milwaukee Knitting Guild.  Fabulous ladies (plus one gentleman), insightful questions and free yarn.  What more could you possibly ask for?  

My next perfect pattern:
Ardyth from cocoknits
In order for the knitters to continue working through the program, I let them know that my notes for the program are on this blog - but now are easier to find.  Under the 'Labels' header on the right-hand column, click on 'pattern selection'.  The notes appear under three posts:  the guides for identifying design lines which will make you look longer and leaner, hints to address specific body issues, and how to snoop shop.

I hope this helps make your next sweater project 'practically perfect in every way'.

P.S.  The guild will be offering free yarn for the next few meeting as they help an older knitter clean out her stash.  I see this as an excellent reason for knitters in southeastern Wisconsin to join - NOW!

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