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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Goodbye, Old Friends

The spring purge struck hard this year.  Our new home in Wisconsin is slowly being updated, and, as a result, most of the knick-knacks and clutter have remained in their moving boxes.  And, I have come to realize, those boxes should never be unpacked.  I am enjoying the clean, fresh look of our new home and need to send accumulated bits and bob onto to new homes.

This applies to the knitwear, too.  I have hung on to nearly all my hand knit sweaters.  In the past I could justify this as many were class samples.  But, now that I am focusing my teaching on larger events and not my local yarn shop, the samples can go.  But, before they make their way out, I thought I would memorialize them here, as all of them are pre-Ravelry.  (Or at least before I started logging my projects there.)
. . .  Loves Me. . .
Knitter's Magazine #84

Today, the sweaters.

This first sweater has sentimental value, as it was my first published design in Knitter's Magazine.  To celebrate, I worked my own version in Cascade 220.  I think I wore it twice.  The fit was good, but I just do not care for worsted weight sweaters.  It also no longer fits, so it is easy to let it go.

This next sweater is a class sample.  It's the Faith Jacket from Sally Melville from The Knitting Experience:  Book 3.  This is a great design for beginner knitters with lots of skill-building opportunity.  Unfortunately, it's another worsted weight yarn (a thick-and-thin spun Malabrigo)  It is also very over-sized and lacking good drape.  So, out it goes.

Next on the hit list is a real oldie.  This is a Rowan Denim cardi to which I made significant alterations.  Can't remember what they were, but I know I did.  This is the sweater I would be most like to be wearing - of only it fit.  (Here's a hint - any sweater photographed on the gray mannequin no longer fits.  My body is now plus-sized mannequin, for sure.)

This little rib warmer was a popular pattern at Knitche.  Several of us knit it.  Can't remember the name of the pattern, but I think the yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight.

And last, but not least, is Elizabeth Zimmerman's rib warmer.  This was another class sample, which you can tell since the paper tag is still hanging off it.  No longer my size, no longer my colors.  Bye.

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