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Friday, May 22, 2015

'Bye to the Bling

Shall we say goodbye to the accessories?

This thread began last week as I recorded the sweaters I have knit that are moving out of my life.  Time to purge.  These were class samples, out-grown, or in a style I no longer admire.  Yes, it is hard to let go of hand-made projects, but it you don't get rid of what you no longer desire, there is no room to bring in what you now want.

 This pillow was created as a sample for a class that never ended up running.  It was inspired by the bag I contributed to the Bag Style book - a combination of knitting and weaving.  The yarn is a Donegal tweed,so it does not make for a comfy pillow.  My decor has also moved away from blues and greens, so this need to move along, too.
The next item was a good time while it lasted.  One of the first classes I taught was on this original design - a shoulder wrap done in a multitude of novelty yarns.  One of my students wore hers to a wedding and had another guest buy it right off her shoulders - one of my best compliments, ever.  But, my version has never been work by me as peach and yellow are not - and never have been - my colors.

 Another decorative wrap that is going away is my first real crochet project.  I worked this up sitting on the beach in Douglas, Michigan.  As my first crochet project, I spent as much time staring at the photo as in reading the directions.  Little did I know that is often the case with crochet.  There are more options as to where you can put your next stitch than you can clearly describe in written text.  The yarn is a variegated chainette bamboo that was left over from my much-worn feather-and-fan skirt.  I was so proud of this little poncho - but I've only worn it maybe twice.
 Next up are my double-knit belts.  These were fun little projects for a class I taught several times.  But, I haven't taught it in years, and haven't worn any belt in longer than that!  The top belt was worked in a (now discontinued) ultrasuede-like Berocco yarn.  The bottom belt is in Rowan Denim.

 This linen stitch scarf was a more recent project.  This was not my own design, but from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas.  Linen stitch is very dense, so the knit goes very slowly.  This scarf is a reject because, although I like my scarves long, this one is way too long.  Here it's folded in half with a loose loop at the neck - and it still hangs below crotch length.  The yarn is a combination of a solid, a variegated, and one with long color changes.  The latter led to some cool effects, including a lime green stripe running vertically down the center of the scarf.  But, it was never worn.  This scarf will go to the Madison Knitter's Guild charity project.

Last is another set of class samples, this time of Kirsten Johnstone's sev[en] circle.  An oldie by a goodie.  Although I wear a lot of necklaces, scarves and cowls, I seldom wore these.  Both were knit from sock yarn, and that's about all I can remember about the yarn.

 Next week we'll move onto new stuff.

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