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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woolly-Wits Asks: How Does a Vertical Line Flatter Your Figure?


Thanks to the Webs catalog for a great example of how a simple design change can make a huge difference in how a hand knit sweater enhances the body.  These are their Basic Pullover and Basic Cardigan patterns available as downloads.  Each pattern can accommodate not only a range of sizes, but a range of yarn weights.  Although the picture captions don't identify the yarn weight used, they both appear to be about a worsted weight.  Both sweaters have the same basic shape: crew neck, drop shoulder, long sleeves, no waist shaping, ribbing at hip and cuff.  And, they are clearly modeled by the same person in the same lighting.  But, look how much slimmer the model appears on the right!  In the pullover, her torso looks shapeless.  There is no feature to direct the eye other than the contrast of sweater and skin at the neck and hands.  That means the eye just circles around and around, turning the lovely model into a visual blob.  When you add the button band, there is now a design element which attracts the eye and moves it vertically.  So, she looks taller and slimmer.  Granted, a button band is a big step up in skill and time required over the pullover, but I think this is the strongest photographic evidence possible that both are the best possible investment. 

These photos are even an argument against the crowd that loudly proclaims that dark colors, especially black, are slimming.  There's no way you could convince me that she doesn't look slimmer in the vivid fuchsia cardigan than the navy pullover.  So, go ahead and live and wear color!

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