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Monday, August 16, 2010

What TO Wear Review of Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2010

Last week I reviewed the fall issue of Interweave Knits.  Just in under the wire (before the fall issue is published next week), is my review of the early fall issue of Vogue Knitting.  They have combined their spring and summer issues and introduced this new one so they have three cool weather issues and one warm weather issue.  This is probably a great idea from a marketing perspective, but has me all out of whack. 

Shawl Collar Sweater from Laura Zukaite’s Luxe Knits, Art Yarns ad,
page 8

I love the drape of this garment and the super-body-lengthening scarf/collar. This would be a great choice for the rounder apple-shaped body who carries her weight through the torso, especially the abdomen, but has thinner legs.  With this body type you want to put all the emphasis at the shoulder and hem - with very little visual excitement in between.  This long, long shawl collar is very dramatic and artsy - and a great opportunity to use a really special yarn. 

Cardigan Design by Yvette Silverman, Cascade Yarns ad, page 37

Again, I love the drape on this garment. The vertical patterning of the knit stitches against a purl background really lengthen the body. And, the peplum defines a waist (for those without one) and gives volume to the lower half (for those who are top-heavy. And, with a simple top and v-neck, this would be a great design for the more busty girl.

Short Sleeve Cardigan, Isager ad, page 41

Again we have vertical knit stitches against a purl background to lengthen the body. But, this time they end in a pretty bell shaped lace pattern at the hip. The elbow-length sleeves also have the lace edge trim for a lovely finished look. The neckline is (again) a v-neck, but, in my opinion, buttons too high. However, as we are knitters, that’s an easy fix. I would omit at least the top buttonhole and probably the top two, but then I am happy to wear a camisole under a top that’s a little too low for comfort.

#11 Long-Line Vest by Erica Schlueter, page 65

And then there’s Maude . . . .

This is a retro look that’s been ready to make a comeback for a while now. And, maybe it should. It’s a great look to lengthen the body to make you appear taller and slimmer, especially when the lines are not interrupted by a lot of color or texture. This design has beautiful shaping, which makes all the difference. (For comparison, see #13, which has no shaping and is nowhere near as slimming.) The cable work at the v-neck has a subtle beauty and relieves the monotony of all that mind-numbing stockinette stitch.

#16 Lace Cardigan by Fiona Ellis

At first I was underwhelmed with this design, although it hits many key ‘what to wear’ elements: lightweight, v-neck, open cardigan, etc. The bracelet length sleeves are right on trend for this winter. Then I noticed the lace panels on the body. They are skewed from the horizontal by short row wedges. This give a huge uptick in the knitting interest, it not the flattery factor. These diagonals are still a little to close to horizontal to be truly curve-enhancing. But, all in all, this is a very nice sweater, especially for a more petite figure.

#17 Belted Shawl Collar Cardi by Renee Lorion

This is a classic shape, and with the wrap and v-neck shawl collar, a really flattering one for most women. As is typical of this design, this one is cabled. Generally, cables fall into the ‘what not to wear’ category, since they add a lot of bulk. But here, Renee has placed vertical panels of lace between the vertical cable panels, which lightens it up, adding drape and reducing bulk. And, two strong vertical elements definitely make the wearer appear taller.

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