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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

From Katie's Bag

I've had some learning this spring, thanks to a generous gift and a push outside my comfort zone.

While deep into my sock yarn scrap crocheted granny square afghan, I put out a notice to my Wednesday afternoon knitting group that I would be happy to accept any fingering weight yarn leftovers that they'd be willing to pass on.  I only got one response, but it was a doozy.  Katie showed up with a shopping bag full of yarn.  Some were missing labels, others were still attached to abandoned projects and others were heavier sock yarn.  But, there were plenty of beautiful untouched skeins - all in Katie's colors.

I have a very strong color sense for myself.  The colors I wear are blue, green and gray.  Period.  There may be a few accent pieces in my wardrobe outside those colors, but they represent a tiny fraction of my wardrobe.  Katie's bag was full of her colors - gold, mustard, orange, russet, black - all the autumnal colors.  As I sorted through, I found a number of skeins of Malabrigo sock yarn.
 As I looked at them, they started screaming at me they they needed to be a Westknit's Dotted Rays Speckled Fade.  They was no doubt, no hesitation, but that they needed to be be turned into this shawl ASAP.

It was a little longer than ASAP simply because this is a 1,200 yard shawl.  But it was a fun knit with the colors pulling together beautifully.  I did change out the gold color in the chevron edging because the one I selected originally was a heavier weight.    But the gold really pops.

The surprise in all of this was your response.  These Instagram posts have been my most popular of the year!  And I would never have combined them if they had not been handed to me in a bag intended for scrap.

Encouraged by the response to my Dotted Rays Speckled Fade,  I worked up another littler shawl, Scalene with leftovers of the gold and a green/black Crazy Zauberball from Katie's bag.  Another hit.

There will be a few more knit from the bag, but I am still setting much of it aside for its original purpose, mini-skeins.  I am leading a program on them for my guild (Madison Knitters' Guild) in November, and Katie's bag will allow me to gift everyone at least one.

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