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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Plaid Your Own Way

Mad for Plaid by HerdingCats
Last week the front page of Ravelry featured a knitted pattern close to my heart - plaid.  And, among the many beautiful recently finished projects, I was thrilled to see one of my own designs, Savoye, reinterpreted by HerdingCats.

By reinterpreted I mean that she took the plaid patterning from Savoye and put it onto a set-in sleeve sweater.  The change up in sleeve makes the sweater much more fitted and creates a trim look.  I chose the original drop shoulder to not only simplify the knitting, but because it is more of the fashion moment.
Savoye Pullover
From Knitscene Spring 2016
copyright Good Folk Photography

HerdingCats used Amy Herzog's CustomFit program to create the pattern for her sweater, and it worked great to form a beautifully-fitting sweater.  The drawback of CustomFit is that it creates a limited number of basic shapes.  However, by overlaying the windowpane plaid pattern over the simple sweater, HerdingCats made her own great mash-up.

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