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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ahhh . . . To Be Vogue With Only Basic Knitting Skills

Have you seen the April issue of American Vogue?  They feature a number of dead simple designer knits at designer prices. 

Here's the most basic - little more than four rectangles with exposed seams and an I-cord belt from Calvin Klein:

It's also the cheapest of the lot, a mere $795 retail.  The yarn is a mix of alpaca and cashmere, so some part of the price reflects the luxury fiber.

Next on the scale of both skill required and price is this number from Nina Ricci:

This sweater is wool and tags in at $990.  The construction here is more sophisticated, with raglan arm shaping and decorative increase/decrease 'princess seams' through the body. 

Here's a super-quick knit cardi in bulky mohair.  This has patch pockets and the same skinny belt seen in the first design.  And this Michael Kors design can be yours for just - well, see for yourself.

And, at the top of the price scale is this fine weight cabled sweater dress (shown as a tunic) from Dior.  No mention of the fiber, but at $3,700, I hope it is qiviut.  Gently combed from newborn baby musk oxen.

We knitters whine a lot about the cost of fine hand knitting yarns.  But, here we could buy merino, silk, cashmere, etc. yarns, bill out our knitting time at $10 an hour and still come in less than retail.  Heck, for the Dior sweater, we could bill our time at quadruple minimum wage.  I'll take $40 an hour for knitting any happy day of the week.

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