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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quick Round: Which Sweater Is Most Flattering?

Not dragging this battle out to three rounds . . . three pics of the same model in three different sweaters featured in the fall 2013 Webs catalog:

On the left is the Basic Crochet Pullover designed by Liz Alsop.  In the middle is Monarda Pullover designed  and knit by Annie Foley, and on the right is the knitted Papyrus Cardigan designed by Kirsten Hipsky.  So, which sweater do you think is most flattering?

I think we can pretty quickly eliminate the blue crochet pullover.  Although it has a nice v-neck, it also has horizontal striping going across a sweater with no side shaping to enhance the figure.  There's also a lot of excess fabric in the underarm (see the wrinkles?) which adds visual weight.

That leaves the yoke-patterned pullover and v-neck cardi.  Most of the time, I would immediately go for the cardi, but this one has horizontal stripes.  I do think the pullover is cute, and it works on the model because of her thin torso and upper arms.  It would look a lot better if the t-shirt underneath were closer in tone to the brown.  And, I think the pullover is skewing a little young for the model.

So, which garment wins?  I am going to give it to the pullover, as long as she puts on an earth-toned turtleneck.

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