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Monday, June 28, 2010

What Not to Knit, Part II

"Here's a lesson every knitter should try to learn before they have a closet full of unflattering knit stuff: Sweaters are clothes.  I know, it seems obvious - but it took me forever to realize that my rules for what I'll wear are the same no matter where the clothes come from.  If you wouldn't but it, don't knit it -  even if it would be really, really fun to knit." - Stephanie Pearl McPhee, a.k.a. the Yarn Harlot

With this in mind, I pass along a pattern which recently came through my electronic in-box: The Nina Vest in Sahara from Stacey Charles.

I think it's a fabulously flattering design.  The deep vee neckline really lengthens the torso.  The wrap draws emphasis to the waist.  And, the inverted vee at the bottom echos the vee at the top.  The combination of yarn and lace pattern appears to give the design drape and flow.  

So, who should be cautious in selecting this great design?  The vee at the bottom will draw attention to a pronounced tummy.  Those of us with fat upper arms would want to make sure we wore a garment with sleeves underneath.  And, deep vees can be an issue for those with narrow shoulders. But, except for these caveats, I call this one a winner!

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